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Hi there!

Welcome to Journey! We’re excited that you’re here. We are a community, a network, and a church dedicated to loving God’s people, deepening our connections with each other, and learning together.

Since you’re new here, we’ll cover some of the basics on this page. We can’t wait to learn more about you and share in this new adventure in our shared lives.


Chris & Matt

What We’re About

We partner with those in the world who seek to explore the depths of faith with us. We do this through shared experiences (worship), community (online and in-person), and engaging discernment of super old texts in a modern context (small groups).

We welcome those who others will not, remembering that Jesus turned no one away. We do this by intentionally communicating God’s inclusive nature and abounding Grace freely given to all.

We respond to the needs of our community, as God reveals them to us. We achieve this through active work in community and fellowship with others. We pay special attention to racial, social, and economic justice for all, as Jesus told us to do.

How we do this

We live connected to each other every moment of every day. We consider technology and innovation to be blessings from God Herself, and live our mission and purpose out in different ways. Our goal is to be the church that meets you where you are:

  • If you prefer to be in community exclusively online we have a place for you.
  • If you prefer to talk about God over a beer and wings, we have a place for you.
  • If you enjoy worship in a traditional church setting, we have places for you.

We encourage (and want) the development of new ways of being church together! We gather together with God and each other online, in-person, and on-demand.

No matter where you are

We have a place for you!

Journey in the name of its host, Jesus Christ welcomes all who seek to know The Creator.

Following the One who we believe is Sovereign and Savior, we affirm that each individual is a child of God, and recognize that we are called to be like one body with many members, seeking with others of every race, ethnicity, creed, class, age, gender, marital status, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression to journey together toward the promised realm of God.

We invite everyone to join in the common life and mission of our community through participation and leadership in this community, and by fully sharing in the worship, rites and sacraments of this church.

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