Affirming Faith Communities

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Affirming Faith Communities/Denominations

There are some faith communities (or denominations) that have officially communicated their affirmations of God’s inclusive Grace. We’ve highlighted these denominations on this page, for more information on a welcoming, safe, and open church near you Find a Church for an interactive map.

It is important to note that we cannot describe all of the theologies that may be present in these denominations here, and a local church may not subscribe to their denominational instruction, use the Find a Church tool to ensure that the church near you is subscribing to affirming theologies and behaviors.

Faith Community/Denomination Affirmation Marriage Equality
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
“Open and Affirming” Congregations/GLAD Alliance
Yes Varies
Episcopal* Yes Yes
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada Yes Yes
Presbyterian Church (USA)*
“More Light Presbyterians”
Yes Varies
Church of Sweden Yes Yes
Church of Denmark Yes Yes
Church of Iceland Yes Yes
Church of Norway Yes Yes
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland Yes No
United Church of Canada Yes Yes
United Church of Christ
“Open and Affirming” Congregations
Yes Varies
Friends General Conference (Quakers)** Yes Yes
Metropolitan Community Churches** Yes Yes
United Methodist Church*** No No
Unity* Yes Yes
Baptist (most traditions)
“Welcoming and Affirming Baptists”
No No

*Denomination also ordains LGBTQ+ folks.

**Quakers do not have ‘clergy’ in a traditional sense, but support LGBTQ+ leaders.

*** The United Methodist church is not open and/or affirming, however some local congregations have become reconciling ministry sites, and advocate for safety, equality, and openness throughout the denominations. More information can be found at the Reconciling Ministries Network site.

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